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Çaycuma Science Center

ONZ Architects won the second honorable mention in Çaycuma Science Center Architectural Competition.

With the dream of a science center where people of all ages, but especially children can learn while having fun, question things and get excited in their search for answers, where they can explore new horizons while experimenting and sharing with others, as a starting point, the project aims to reflect this enthusiasm and excitement architecturally. One of the main objectives of the design is to involve nature into this process and to add another important stop on this journey of scientific discovery. The green texture of the competition site features a significant potential in this respect. The design, by protecting all the trees on the site and by adding new ones to the green texture, creates an environment for scientific quests that is surrounded by nature.

In Caycuma Science Center project, the flow of indoors and outdoors, and relationship with nature have been prioritized. By flowing onto each other the lower square, urban platform and outdoor exhibition areas constitute a dynamic experience for the visitors.

The sheltered lower square, away from the traffic and urban hustles, creates a public space where the visitors can relax surrounded by green, away from stress and noise of the city, and where children can play safely.

The urban platform and lower square besides being a significant urban value for the city, contribute to circulation flexibility of the Science Center. The urban platform invites the visitors in the building through the same level from the adjacent road or, when continued from outside takes them to the open air amphitheater.

This amphitheater also supported by the café upstairs, enables the users to enjoy a cup of coffee together or watch a movie or a scientific performance. The accessibility and flow of open platforms render this building an attraction spot not only for the functions it houses inside but for the shared public life; an enjoyable space to go and relax, chat with friends and breathe in the urban atmosphere.

Project: Çaycuma Science Center  |  Client: Çaycuma Municipality  |  Site: Zonguldak - Turkey  |  Size: 2.000 m2 |  Year: 2016 |  Status: Competition - 2nd Honorable Mention  |  Team: Zeynep Öktem - Onat Öktem |  Collaborators: Melih Tokaç Figen Yücel Esat Can Meker Okan Mutlu Akpınar |  Consultants: Ekin Çoban Turhan
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