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Sivas Kızılırmak River Bank Development Project

ONZ Architects + Mdesign won the third prize in the second phase of the competition for six million square meter river bank development in Sivas I Turkey.

The project area is approximately 6.5 million square meters, where the closest distance to the city center is 3.5 kilometers. An important input that affects the design desicions is to be bounded by the dense urban tissue and the peripheral road on the north while being surrounded by the high speed rail line, the urban tissue and the university campus on the south.

On Kızılırmak, dividing the city into two, is considered to have a total of eight bridges with the available ones among the planned bridges. These bridges provide an important input on the design process. While the bridges are considered as physical and visual barrier for many design projects, in this study they are contemplated as important traces and transportation channels that define significant elements of the design. In addition, the two historical bridges (Eğri Köprü and Kesik Köprü) located on the east and the west site are the historical connection points of the project.

In addition to these eight bridges, an activity and faunal continuity bridge that connects the activity island to the project site is designed. Another purpose of this pedestrian bridge is to provide the continuity and transmission of the fauna on the ecological spine and the ecological corridors.

The project site developed a public space that serves the entirety of the urban space, brings a new identity to the city’s brand value, as weaving the nature-water relation with the citizens, with all the reference codes of the social development and the protect – use balance on a sustainable ecological corridor.

Project: Sivas Kızılırmak River Bank Development Project |  Client: Sivas Municipality  |  Site: Sivas  |  Size: 6.500.000 m2 |  Year: 2016 |  Status: Competition - 3rd Prize  |  Team: Onat Öktem Murat Z. Memlük Zeynep Öktem Mehmet Çıkrık |  Collaborators: Sevgi Çalı Melih Tokaç Seda Özçelik Koç Ebru Dehmen Okan Mutlu Akpınar Faruk Ünlü Ayça Sapaz Dilara Tuncer |  Consultants: Zafer Kınacı - Tuncay Demirci
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